Public opinion poll (1000 adult citizens of Montenegro) admin December 14, 2021

Public opinion poll (1000 adult citizens of Montenegro)

Public opinion poll on various social topics, which is conducted on a multi-stage stratified random sample on the territory of Montenegro. It is conducted on a complex, stand-alone questionnaire. The methodology, questionnaire and form of research are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the client and the type of research, in order to obtain the most relevant results.

Research activities include creating a methodology, preparing questionnaires, training, supervising and controlling interviewers, collecting data on defined issues and processing the collected data.

Research outcomes include:

Report with research findings

PPT with research findings

Damar Plus Agency is available for additional explanations and assistance in further analysis and presentation of data.

Modifications of the sample by territory, sex, age, individual / household or any other parameter are possible.