Rasenko Čađenović

Rasenko Čađenović admin August 30, 2023

Rasenko Čađenović graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Montenegro. He began his career in legal matters related to business entities. He started working in public opinion research in 1982 within the framework of the Marxist Center. In 1993, he founded Damar Public Opinion Research Agency, the first private agency of its kind in Montenegro. He has been involved in the execution of over 1000 public opinion surveys covering the realms of politics, society, and economics in Montenegro. He has garnered rich experience as a designer of survey questionnaires and analyses, particularly in conducting political public opinion research in Montenegro. Throughout the years, he has led the research team at Damar Agency in conducting pre-election surveys for numerous relevant political parties/coalitions and NGOs in preparation for all parliamentary and local elections from 1993 to the present day.