Exploring RTCG brand strength Damar Institute February 1, 2023

Exploring RTCG brand strength

Another public opinion survey conducted in November 2022 reveals that RTCG is still the second most watched TV station in Montenegro, and is now perceived as more independent. In the previous June survey, every fourth citizen believed that RTCG is a TV station that is under strong political influence, while the latest results show that this perception has dropped from 24.9% to 8.9%. Additionally, the perception that RTCG is a TV station that “shows only one side” dropped from 16.2% to 9.3%. The perception of objectivity increased from 13.4% to 17.4% and currently ranks first. About 24% of citizens follow RTCG daily. The majority of citizens still consider RTCG synonymous with the term “television”.

These are some of the key findings of another survey on the strength of the RTCG brand, commissioned by the OSCE Mission to Montenegro and conducted by the Damar Agency.